Niche Blueprint 2.0 [2010 г.]

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Niche Blueprint 2.0 [2010 г.]

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Niche Blueprint 2.0

Производитель: Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton
Год выпуска: 2010
Язык: английский

Module 1 – Introduction To The Program

This will be the introduction to all the materials. You’ll get an overview of every piece of
Niche Blueprint and how they all fit together. We’ll introduce you to each module, and
set the expectations about what you’ll learn and what you should have done by the
completion of each.

Goals and deliverables

Understand the purpose of each module of the program
Understand all the goals and deliverables for each module

1 Video
Introduction video

2 PDF’s
Overview (this PDF)
Module 1 goal sheet

Module 2 – Choosing Your Niche

This module will show you a process for brainstorming and researching possible niches.
You’ll learn how to come up with many ideas for their Niche Blueprint store and how to
do quick, but quality market research to determine which ideas you should move forward
with. After this module, you will have 3 candidates and 1 top candidate to begin working
on your Niche Blueprint store

Goals and deliverables

A large list of potential niches to build your Niche Blueprint store around
A priority list of the top 3 ideas and the one that you will begin to work on first

5 Videos
Brainstorming process
Using Discover Niches
Other Ways to Brainstorm
Using Keyword Blueprint
Other considerations

3 PDF’s
Brainstorming resources
Keyword Blueprint user manual
Module 2 goal sheet

Module 3 – Finding The Suppliers And Pricing Your Products

In this module, you’ll learn how to use our supplier database and other ways to find
sources for the products you are going to sell. In addition, you’ll learn how to best price
each of your products.

Goals and deliverables

A list of suppliers for your products
A catalog and pricing sheet for your products

2 Videos
Finding products
Pricing products

5 PDF’s
Finding products process flow and resources
Pricing products process flow and resources
Advice for communicating with suppliers
Advice for business outside the USA
Module 3 goal sheet

Module 4 – Finding A Domain Name

This module will show you how to obtain a web site address (domain name / URL). It
will explain the criteria for selection and show you tools to find the best solution.

Goals and deliverables

An understanding of the how’s and why’s of domain name selection
A domain for your first Niche Blueprint store

2 Videos
Finding a domain name
Finding an aged domain name

2 PDF’s
Finding a domain process flow and resources
Module 4 goal sheet

Module 5 – Building Your Niche Blueprint Store

In this module, you will build your Niche Blueprint store. You’ll learn how to quickly
install and configure your Niche Blueprint E-Commerce platform and how to set up your
catalog and customize the look of your store.

Goals and deliverables

An understanding of how to implement the Niche Blueprint E-Commerce platform
A payment gateway setup with PayPal or another processor
A new logo for your store (quick, cheap, painless, and GREAT quality!)
A toll free number for your store
A complete working Niche Blueprint store with a complete product catalog

5 Videos
Installing your ecommerce store
Configuring your ecommerce store
Watch Dave build a store part 1
Watch Dave build a store part 2

8 PDF’s
Installation your store process flow
Configuring your store guide
Payment processing set up guide
Customizing your store
Graphic design advice and resources
Save $5 on your domain name
FAQ and troubleshooting guide
Module 5 goal sheet

Module 6 – Getting Customers

In this module, we’ll show you how to get paying customers to come to your store! We
will use search engine optimization strategies first, to get free traffic and then show how
to move into pay per click advertising (if you choose to do so)

Goals and deliverables

Understand the concepts of search engine optimization and other strategies for
free traffic generation
A complete free traffic plan for your Niche Blueprint store
Understand the concepts of paid advertising
A complete paid traffic plan for your Niche Blueprint store

17 Videos
SEO concepts
Introduction to all SEO resources
Videos 3 – 10 Getting Backlinks
How to publish an ezine article
Authority hub and Link blueprint tutorials
Your Link plan
The Google Merchant center parts 1-2
Google Adwords

3 PDF’s
Your link plan
Using Google Adwords
Module 6 goal sheet

Module 7 – Running Your Niche Blueprint Store

Now that your store is up and running, this module will help you understand and plan the
things that need to be done on a regular basis to keep your Niche Blueprint store
operating profitably.

Goals and deliverables

Understand the regular tasks that keep your Niche Blueprint store operating
A complete plan for regular/recurring tasks. A blueprint for operating your store.

1 Video
Daily operations

2 PDF’s
Advice and resources
Module 7 goal sheet

Module 8 – Outsourcing

Once your store is up and running, there are a few options to outsource the day-to-day
operation. That way, you can have autopilot income and make money when you’re
literally just sitting around!

Goals and deliverables

Understand what you can outsource
Understand the different outsourcing models
Introduce outsourcing resources

1 Video

Module 8 checklist

Module 9 – Selling Your Site

This module will go into detail about selling your website. This is one option for quick
cash rather than operating the store.

1 Video
Selling your site

2 PDF’s
Advice and resources
Module 9 checklist
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