CBT Nuggets - Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 CCA Certification Series [2008 г.]

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CBT Nuggets - Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 CCA Certification Series [2008 г.]

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CBT Nuggets - Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 CCA Certification Series
Производитель: CBT Nuggets
Ссылка на курс: Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 CCA Certification Series

Год выпуска: 2008

Видео кодек: Windows Media
Видео: ASF (.WMA/.WMV) 800 x 600
Аудио: WMA v2, 0x01:22050Hz 20 kb/s (1 chnl)

Автор: Greg Shield's
Язык: английский

Продолжительность: 7 ч

Provide easy, secure access to applications and documents from anywhere - no VPN required. That's what you can do with Citrix Presentation Server. Plus, maintain central control over user experience. No dealing with the hassle of installing software on every computer in the company. Fewer headaches from botched settings on locally-installed client software. The list of Citrix's benefits goes on.

In this training, CBT Nuggets Instructor Greg Shield's teaches you how to administer Citrix Presentation Server, including:setup
policy control
program deployment
enabling client access
catering to the user experience
[*]moving between Citrix Management Console (CMC) and Access Management Console (AMC)Real world skills plus exam prep
The Citrix CCA for Presentation Server 4.5 update video series goes in detail with all this information and more, teaching you how to implement Citrix servers and server farms. In addition to giving you real world skills and implementation strategies, it maps to exam objectives for Citrix 1Y0-259 CCA exam - Presentation Server 4.5: Administration.

A basic understanding of Windows networking such as a MCSA or MCSE certification or equivalent knowledge is recommended before viewing these videos.

Citrix CCA for Presentation Server 4.5 contains the following videos:
    Introduction to Citrix and the CCA
    Applied and Architectural Concepts for Presentation Server
    Installing Presentation Server
    Configuring Licensing & Farm Settings
    Configuring Policies & Citrix Connection Configuration
    Installing & Configuring the Citrix Client
    Installing Applications to Presentation Server
    Publishing Applications and Content
    Deploying Applications with Installation Manager
    Managing Loads and Load Balancing
    Managing Resources with Resource Manager
    Configuring Printing
    Enabling Web Access
    Securing Citrix Communication
    Command Line Tools & Exam Review
    Introducing the Presentation Server 4.5 Updates
    Navigating Citrix's Updated Consoles
  • New Features in Presentation Server 4.5
Video 1 - "Introduction to Citrix and the CCA" - Define the components of a Citrix Presentation Server farm, plus learn how they interact with each other and with clients.

Video 2 - "Applied and Architectural Concepts for Presentation Server" - Citrix Components, Clients, Services, Network Architecture, ICA Protocol Other Citrix products non-presentation server. Adjust protocol settings for both ICA and RDP protocols, including timeouts, security settings, and mapping overrides.

Video 3 - "Installing Presentation Server" - Prepare your server for installing Citrix (sounds simple - but it's very important!), then install Citrix Presentation Server and Citrix licensing, install terminal services, installing Citrix prerequisites.

Video 4 - "Configuring Licensing & Configuring Farm Settings" - Manage licensing both when you set Citrix up initially, then when you add licenses later. Configure farm settings using the Citrix Metaframe Console - and learn when it's better to configure settings at the farm level, and when it's better to configure settings at the server level.

Video 5 - "Configuring Policies & Citrix Connection Configuration" - Use policies for granular control over the user experience - create, filter, and prioritize policies, plus create policy exceptions.

Video 6 - "Installing & Configuring the Citrix Client" - Install and configure each of the four types of Citrix client - plus understand when each client type should be deployed.

Video 7 - "Installing Applications to Presentation Server" - Add programs to your server, including both Citrix-friendly applications and applications that don't automatically work well in a Citrix environment - plus create isolation environments to prevent applications from conflicting with each other.

Video 8 - "Publishing Applications and Content" - Publish applications and desktops for client use - and know when it's better to make applications available for users versus making the entire desktop available.

Video 9 - "Deploying Applications with Installation Manager" - Package software for quick deployment to multiple Citrix servers - and use Installation Manager to only go through the installation process once, no matter how many servers you're deploying the software to.

Video 10 - "Managing Loads and Load Balancing" - Manage traffic load and perform load balancing across the servers in your farm - learn how and when to use the default and advanced load evaluators, plus create and assign custom load balancers for more advanced load balancing needs.

Video 11 - "Managing Resources with Resource Manager" - Use Resource Manager to track usage of servers in your server farm - including both real-time and historical data.

Video 12 - "Configuring Printing" - Configure Citrix printing (a historical problem spot), including using client, local, and network printing, interfacing with network print servers, plus managing drivers and printers.

Video 13 - "Enabling Web Access" - Enable web access to the applications installed on your Citrix servers - then configure a web interface site, paying attention to authentication, workspace control, setting up client proxies, and the different interfaces clients can use to access your web-enabled applications.

Video 14 - "Securing Citrix Communications" - Secure communication to and from your Citrix servers by using more secure architectures, ICA encryption, SSL relay technology, and Citrix's Web Interface with Secure Gateway.

Video 15 - "Command Line Tools & Exam Review" - Learn which Citrix command line tools are really important to know for the exam and for using Citrix on the job - plus which tools probably won't show up on the exam but will make your life as a Citrix admin easier.

Video 16 - "Introducing the Presentation Server 4.5 Updates" - Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 includes a series of updates in this relatively minor release. However, most of these updates are related to the add-on components that enterprises gain with Platinum-level licensing. This first video in this update series will discuss all of the updates to the product while focusing specifically on those that target just Presentation Server and the 1Y0-259 CCA exam. In this video you'll learn about what features you should and shouldn't care about, and how the Citrix certification program has changed with the release of Presentation Server 4.5.

Video 17 - "Navigating Citrix's Updated Consoles" - One of the biggest changes between v4.0 and v4.5 is the movement of many administrative tasks from the Presentation Server Console to the Access Management Console. Yet not all of the administrative functionality has fully moved over with this release. This second video focuses on assisting you with understanding the differences and finding where the new configuration items are. You'll be surprised what elements have moved over and which still remain in the "old" console.

Video 18 - "New Features in Presentation Server 4.5" - Lastly is a focus on four new features that are specifically targeted towards Presentation Server itself. These four new features -- configuration logging, health monitoring & recovery, trusted server configuration, and updates to farm & server monitoring -- are discussed in depth in this final video. Each of these four new features is useful for managing and monitoring your Presentation Server infrastructure, and they are all critical topics in the updated CCA examination.

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