[Lynda.com] Insights from a Content Marketer [2012, ENG]

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[Lynda.com] Insights from a Content Marketer [2012, ENG]

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Insights from a Content Marketer

Дата Выпуска: 1 Ноября 2012
Производитель: Lynda.com
Автор: C.C. Chapman
Продолжительность: 17m 58s
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Язык: Английский

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About the Author

C.C. Chapman is a modern-day renaissance man who lives every day to inspire others to be their best. He is the author of the book Content Rules (Wiley 2010) and the founder of Digital Dads. As a consultant, C.C. helps a variety of clients embrace all forms of new media and online marketing to take their campaigns to the next level. His work has won awards and clients have included HBO, American Eagle Outfitters, Verizon FiOS, and The Coca-Cola Company.

C.C. has an unstoppable combination of marketing experience and savvy and incalculably valuable "on the ground" knowledge and insight as an influential content creator himself. He's helped create, manage, and execute ambitious online and offline marketing campaigns for startups and multinationals — and has the invaluable good sense to know which outreach strategies work with audiences and which ones fall flat.

C.C. has a passion for being on stage and loves nothing more than motivating a room full of people. He was one of the first professional podcasters and continues to share his knowledge and insights on the popular Managing the Gray. He is a graduate of Bentley University and lives outside of Boston with his loving wife and family. Find out more at CC-Chapman.com.

Описание: Discover the secrets of a veteran content marketer. In this interview-style course, author C.C. Chapman teaches how storytelling—creating a compelling narrative around your content or product—is at the heart of both marketing and business, using examples from his own career. Learn about the goals of content marketing, the tools and skills you'll need to run a successful campaign, and how to leverage social media and mobile technology to promote your message. C.C. also touches on the importance of dealing with negative feedback gracefully and maintaining relationships in social media communities.

Topics include:
    What is content marketing?
    Getting started with a small budget
    Building a community
    Finding your "human" voice
    Publishing content regularly with an editorial calendar
  • Measuring success
Interview 17m 58sWhat is content marketing? 1m 48s
Finding success as a content marketer 2m 58s
Getting started with a small budget 1m 30s
Building a community 2m 50s
Finding your "human" voice 2m 4s
Doing something unexpected 1m 23s
Publishing content 1m 37s
Dealing with negative feedback 1m 37s
Measuring success and maintaining relationships 2m 11s

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